About Us

Products Free of dyes, perfumes and harsh chemicals

Our cleaning products are manufactured by and for people with allergic skin reactions, breathing issues, asthma, chemical sensitivities (such as MCS) and for people who are concerned with indoor air quality and their overall health.

We use renewable resources whenever possible in the manufacturing of our products. Our vegetable-based raw materials enhanced with other safe ingredients combine to create ultra-safe, yet powerful cleaners.
All three of our cleaning product lines are designed with the safety of the user and environment in mind.

Robert Buckhlin started looking into the industry's chemicals and practices

Early in 1987, Robert Buckhlin one of our founders discovered that cleaners being used by many professional cleaning contractors and homeowners contained suspected carcinogens.

Concerned for the health of people using these products, he started looking into the industry's chemicals and practices and found that the some of the most commonly used ingredients also have the highest rating of dangerous chemicals and for some of us the scents and dyes created health issues that to this point were not defined.

After extensive research, Mr. Buckhlin began to teach these techniques while reaching out to other like-minded people. He then wrote a book for cleaning contractors defining safer products and techniques.

Glenn Knowlton also had concerns with products being used in the automobile industry

Mr. Buckhlin and an associate, Glenn Knowlton, who also had concerns with products he was using in the automobile industry joined forces and began to develop a new business. Their goals included providing new formulas and equipment for the auto industry and professional cleaning contractors to address not only safety issues but also to address chemical sensitivity issues.

This new business format included replacing chemical formulas that contain scents and dyes that created allergic reactions in many people. They also began replacing aromatic chemicals and other hazardous ingredients in the automobile and truck repair industry.

Today, we have successfully created three lines of products to serve the needs of each of those market segments.

  • Clearly Clean - A product line designed for the residential consumer.
    Our cleaners are designed with the focus on indoor air quality and effectiveness.
  • EnviroPro - A product line that is designed for professionals cleaners or institutional purchasers.
  • BioForce Services - A product line that is designed for the industrial user serving many markets including Printing, Parts Cleaning Chemicals & Equipment and Metal Finishing.