Below are testimonials from our customers nationwide:

Heather J. Birdsboro, PA

"This product actually works!!! I have two teenagers, one rides horses and the other plays sports, both come home FILTHY. This is the first natural cleaning product that cleaned my tub with minimal scrubbing. I would not have believed it if I didn't do it myself. I have tried all of the other products and they just do not work. This does!"

Pam K. Pinconning, MI

"These products really are fume free so there was no chance of them bothering my allergies. The products did an excellent job of removing and rejuvenating the bathroom fixtures and drains. It even removed calcium deposits around the drains."

Kaela H. Lincoln, NE

"My teenagers shower was moldy and dirty. These products are so easy to use that the shower now shines and I am no longer afraid of that room. Great for my allergies!!!"

Julie R, Laingsburg, MI

"The cleaning ability was excellent for the tub, sink and toilet bowl. Best of all no coughing, sneezing or breathing difficulties from hazardous fumes."

Amanda D, Fairview, NC

"Amazing!!! On tough soap scum, cleaned it quickly on one try. It really works like it says it will. Great product."

Suzanne S. Belle Plaine, IA

"These products work on stains that others would not remove. Rubber gloves not necessary. It has nothing to harm my lungs in an enclosed area."

Teresa M. Lincoln, IL

"It has no odor which is great for folks with breathing problems. Not much “elbow grease” is needed so it is less painful on shoulders and wrists. "

Tammy S. Liberty, SC

"Worked really well. No odor at all. Used it without having to turn on the fan to ventilate."

Than N. Arlington, TX

"Loved it!!! My son has asthma and I was able to clean with Enviro-Rite products with him in the same room. I was able to clean without any odors or breathing in harsh chemicals. Thank you."

Cindy P. Azle, TX

"Being an allergy sufferer and chemical sensitive to strong odors, this product worked great for me."